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Fly-in Fishing and Moose Hunting North of Nakina

"A Paradise of Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook and Lake Trout"

Located in Nakina Ontario, Arctic Watershed Outposts was established in 1987, by longtime residents Remi and Christine Moretton. As an avid outdoorsman, Remi had always spent his spare time fishing and hunting. His passion was always to seek out the best most remote lakes north of Nakina. Begininng with a few great Walleye and Northern pike fly-in fishing and trophy moose hunting lakes, over the years, Remi and Christine have carefully sought out the best remote lakes north of Nakina Ontario.

Nakina has quickly become renowned for being one of Ontario's best fly-in fishing destinations. The remote lakes north of Nakina are filled with Walleye, Trophy Northern Pike and Lake Trout. It's awe inspiriring network of rivers also provide incredible Walleye and Northern Pike as well as huge Brook Trout and Monster size Sturgeon.

Arctic Watershed Outposts now have nine of the best Fly-in fishing and hunting lakes north of Nakina on the famous Albany, Ogoki and Kapikotongwa River systems. These lakes are filled with monster Northern Pike, Walleye, Brook and Lake Trout, Jumbo Perch, Whitefish and Sturgeon.

Our fly-in outposts camps provide you non-stop fishing action second to none. While all of our lakes have a big numbers of quality Walleye, monster Northern Pike, others even include colourful Jumbo Perch, majestic Brook Trout, fiesty Lake trout and Whitefish, and huge Sturgeon. Our lakes have incredible structure for Northern Pike and Walleye, crystal clearness and depths for Lake trout, and rivers and pools for Brook trout. Our lakes are also ideal for the all around enjoyment of catching some Jumbo Perch and Whitefish. You can fish in a different area everyday at any of our outposts lakes. Including around islands, up and down rivers, or by taking a day trip to ajoining lakes. Our moose hunting is hunter's dream come true. Lots of big bull moose, with 50" racks, have been seen and photographed by guests all summer. For avid moose hunters, true wilderness tent frame hunting camps are not only where you can tag your trophy moose but also get in some fabulous fishing.

Our number one priority is to provide our clients with a fly-in fishing or hunting trip of a lifetime.

Fishing and Moose Hunting Tips:

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