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Brook TroutA good Brook Trout tip is to fish them with a small 2" length double willow spinner, with a #2 long shank hook, tipped with a night crawler or minnow and a couple split shot sinkers 12" from your spinner. You can also fish for Brook Trout with Panther Martin and Mepp rooster tail spoons.  You will also catch Brook Trout with a Walleye rig, but the sliver willow leaf spinner will give you small flashes imitating bait fish that will attract Brook Trout to your rig. Our Brook Trout are so beautiful, when you land a Brook Trout up here, you just want to release it right away, although they are a good eating fish. They are so lively and magnificent, but are very delicate you cannot keep a Brook Trout out of the water too long, to take pictures, if you're going to release it or it will die. You will find Brook Trout in pools below fast water, some in gentle water current and depending on water level, temperature, clearness, you will also find Brook Trout in quiet pools of the rivers and mouth of the lake.

PS: We will highlight some hot spots on the map for you before you fly into camp.

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