Our Photos
Let's Go Fishing! Don't drop it!  It'll crush you! Shooting the $&!@ arount the table! Is that a walleye or a shark? Better have a good grip! Who caught them all?
Camo N, you caught all those? She keeps stringing them along! Can the dock take all that weight? Wow! Am I in Heaven? Now that's a Northern! Chicks dig walleye!
Bull by lantern light. Romantic! Nice rack! 2 for 1? A whole lot of bull! I only have two hands! Pan full of goodness!
How can I drive with this on my hand? Doing curls! The future's so bright... A Northern Whale? No plane walleye here! No plane rack either!
Lunch! Paradise! Who needs Fiji? What a day! Say, "What a Walleye," fast three times! Wall to wall walleye!
The walleye goes well with his coat! Help! We've been tied together by walleyes! They all have walleyes in common! Rack'em up! Like A-Rod in May, he delivered the big hit! Quick! My arms are falling off!
Thumbs up to fish'n in camo! Ha! Ha! I caught one more than you! Hook, Line, and Sinker! A Big Northern Experience! Monster from the Deep! Just Chillin'!
First Timer with the Biggest! The calm before the fishing storm. Hurry!  This thing is heavy! Now! That's a fish! Not Easy Being Green Walleye Wolverine
Walleye Reflections A Whale of a Walleye! Ho, Humm. Another Big One I'm Huge! 28 inch Walleye - Melchettcr Andrew's 38 inch Northern - Melchettcr
Look at that ray of sunshine! A Ray of Sunshine! The Dock to Heaven Heaven Itself Haven't seen a Laker this big since Shaq Is that a boat rack?
Laker Colors! Is that a Porterhouse? Quick Silver Does silver go with camo? Rack me up Scotty Lake Trout Skid Row
Fishermans Row All alone with my thoughts and my fish! Orang'u jealous? That's a Casting Call! Was that song love or fish on the rocks? Same thing! Nice Net-Work
Chillin' These Northerns Rock! Love by Camo Light Where's Little Red Riding Hood when you need her? Oh Mamma! Shooting the bull among with friends!
Here's Looking at You Kid! Did he get those guns by lifting Northern? We have a winner! Cammo'n, you caught all those? There around the bend! Mercury Mooseboard Motor
The Bounty! Pure Gold! A new friend Fillin' the stringer! He has all the luck!1 A full rack! Big Mamma!
We're no green or blue horns! Pot bellied walleye! Bull by night fall! Walleyes and cubans. Life is good! Retirement! The 100th one today!
I'm horny! Going for a dip? Sharing some bull! A rack among friends! Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night! Is that a rack or are you happy to see me?
Orang'u glad we came? A Rack with a View! Stop Touching my Rack! No Bucking Around!