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Big LakerLake Trout fishing in Spring is good in shallow water because of the temperature being so cold after the thaw. At this time, the best way to fish for Lake Trout is trolling, with silver spoons, like a silver Cleo or William Wobbler or silver Northern King spoon. Trolling shallow, with a fair amount of line out, will catch you Lake Trout.












Lake Trout FilletsLater, when water gradually warms up, Lake Trout will go down to deeper depths. At this time, you can use the same equipment, but you will also have to gradually go down deeper, to where the Lake Trout are. You can do this by adding some weight 12" to 16" in front of your rigging and troll. When Lake Trout are down deep you can also jig for them with a Swedish Pimple silver spoon, some white, some gold or silver William Wobbler spoon or silver Cleo spoon but at this time you will have to bait your hook with a minnow or night crawler because jigging your spoon will not give you the action that you would get by trolling. For Lake Trout down deep a downrigger would be ideal but on a fly-in fishing trip it would be too much weight to pack. Deep sea divers also work for your deeper Lake Trout. We will advise you to the proper rig before you arrive.

PS: We will highlight some hot spots on the map for you before you fly into camp.


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Lake Trout



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