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Nakina is a community of approximately 700 in the Town of Greenstone in the Thunder Bay District in Northern Ontario, Canada. The town of Nakina was founded in 1923 along the main line of the Canadian National Railway (CNR) where the line branches from the western main line (heading towards Winnipeg, Manitoba) to the main line that runs south towards Toronto, and National Transcontinental Railway mainline that ran east toward Quebec City. The town is approximately 320 kilometres north of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The origins of the town are initially support of the railway, but its raison d'etre has evolved through lumber, pulp and paper, mining and tourism.

Nakina Map

You can drive to Nakina via Highway 584 which leaves Highway 11 at Geraldton or for those who have their own aircraft, there is a 3500ft paved airstrip, here in Nakina. For the fisherman who is pressed for time, he can catch a large airline to either Sault Ste. Marie or Thunder Bay, Ontario, then make flight connections to Nakina.

Miles to Nakina From:

Chicago - 850
Cleveland - 965
Detroit - 795
Indianapolis - 910
Milwaukee - 730
Minneapolis - 512
Toronto - 725



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