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mooseMoose  hunting is very rewarding at all of our outposts, we are not allocated many adult moose tags so our outpost camps are not pressured by over hunting, therefore over the years, the moose population has been excellent. Moose hunting is not hard if you play your cards right. Once into camp, you can make all the noise you want, actually do not be shy, do what you need to do the first day in (eg. cut firewood, set your stands, scout, cut trails, move canoes/boats). The next day change your tactics. Be as quiet as possible, try not to bang the boats, or speak loudly. From the end of the first day at moose camp, you should be moving slowly and quietly. If you are walking in the woods you should wear soft fleece, hunter orange, outerwear so you do not make noise rubbing the branches or twigs. Moose have poor eye sight, but their excellent hearing and smell make up for it.

mooseYour only loud noise should be your moose calling. Moose are curious to certain unusual noises and will come in slowly to investigate. Most of the times they will show the next day. The humming of your running outboard motor does not disturb them very much. It is a noise that does not scare them away instantly. They kind of shy away slowly. It is different if you are reving your motor to high speed. It is best to keep your motor at the same speed. Moose calling really works. The main thing is not to over do it and be patient. Moose are not like white-tail deer. They are a very timid and slow moving animal. After you call many times moose will show up the next day. Inexperienced smaller bulls will show up right away grunting all the way to you.

A good caliber rifle for moose hunting would be a 303, 306, 308, 300, or 7mm. Other necessary tools are a sharp short-handle axe, small chain saw, a come-a-long, plenty of rope, some burlap bags or good cheesecloth for wrapping up your moose meat and a couple of big white tarps to protect your meat from the weather.
I have shot over 40 moose and have learnt that as soon as you can take the skin off your moose, the better. You will want to cool the moose meat as soon possible and wrap it with your cheesecloth/burlap bag and hang it in the shade, covering it with your white tarp. No matter what the temperature will be during your stay at moose camp, your meat will age properly and you will love it.

More information on moose hunting and field dressing a moose will be given to you by your experienced host before your flight into moose camp.


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