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perchJumbo Perch will usually move in schools, where you catch one, you should catch a bunch. Jumbo Perch have their own feeding area, usually close to shore just off weed beds  in 3' to 10' of water. Small jig heads with a piece of night crawler will work for Jumbo Perch. A small #1 Mep, tipped with a piece of night crawler or a small spinner with a #1 long shank hook, tipped with a small minnow, will also do the trick. Fishing for Jumbo Perch is a lot of fun. When you locate them, it's hard to get them off your hook. North of  Nakina, with the water being so cold most of the year, Jumbo Perch are very colourful and lots of them are as big as a small Walleye.














PS: We will highlight some hot spots on the map for you before you fly into camp.


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