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Northern PikeOur Northern Pike will take forever to land! They are full of power and life! You will be successful with Northern Pike, with almost anything you will have in your tackle box. Northern Pike are very active when they feed and will hit anything that moves. I have personally seen a big Northern Pike take a swimming duckling, I could not believe my eyes.

You'll want to work the weedy and rocky shores of the lake, mostly casting for Northern Pike. They like shallow water even in the Summer heat. Northern Pike can eat as much food in one day as their own weight and then not eat for a few days. Very often huge Northern Pike will come into a walleye spawning area and all of a sudden the walleyes will disappear, scared. This is the time you will catch a monster Northern Pike. Very often, as you are landing a walleye, a huge Northern pike will take it, and if you're lucky, you will land both of them. This has been reported by our guests many a time.

Northern PikePS: We will highlight some hot spots on the map for you before you fly into camp.















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