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WalleyeIn the Spring, at the beginning of fishing season, walleye have usually finished spawning. for a few weeks, at this time, you will catch tons of walleyes at the mouths of rivers and creeks, coming into the lake. You will also have some walleyes that prefer rocky shouls to spawn, usually those walleyes are big mamas and papas. Walleyes like a gravel or rocky bottom, with a water current to spawn. At this time of season, you will be successful with almost any color of 1/8 to 1/4oz Jig head with your favourite color Twister-tail. I mostly like White, Yellow or Chartruese twister-tails. You'll want to do a little trolling to find out where the walleyes are and when you find them anchor your boat  at that location and start jigging for them. Get ready to start counting all the walleyes!

Big WalleyeLater in the season, walleyes move into the main lake, the smaller ones will stay around that spawning area all summer but the bigger walleyes will move into the cooler water, 15' to 20' deep.  At that time of the year they prefer the outlets. Diving Rapalas or silver spoons with a split shot sinker tipped with a night crawler trolling, will work. Jigging is also very good at this time. A good fish locater is handy. In summer, color means a lot so be versatile.

When our weather cools, about in the middle of August, you will be successful with walleyes with almost anything, including floating rapalas, jig heads with white twistertails or trolling with a silver spoon tipped with a minnow. Wallayes this far North are very scrappy and full of life. They will give you a heck of a fight before you land them.

WalleyeBeing this far north, the waters in the bigger lakes do not warm up very much during our short summer season. The water being cold keeps our walleye very active and lively. No matter what time of the season you decide to take your fishing adventure, you are certain to catch numerous amounts of fish.


PS: We will highlight some hot spots on the map for you before you fly into camp.


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