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whitefishWhitefish, like Lake trout in summer months, like to be in cold water below the thermo cline. The best way to catch Whitefish in summer time, is to jig deep with a silver rooster tail spinner or #1 Mepp or silver Swedish pimple, all tipped with a piece of night crawler. Whitefish have a very soft lip so you have to make sure your drag is set lightly. You will catch them deep down in the water and they will not want to come up  to surface, once they do they will break water similar to a Bass. Whitefish in Fall will come to surface and congregate at mouths of rivers and creeks, ready for their spawn. At this time, you will catch Whitefish trolling shallow in front of these areas with a fair amount of line out with a silver rooster tail or #1 Mepp. No baiting is necessary.

PS: We will highlight some hot spots on the map for you before you fly into camp.


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