Taking your vehicle for a detailing job is the same as going to your doctor for a routine check-up. The condition of your car is checked, both on the outside and inside. Next, procedures are applied accordingly.  

Unfortunately, a lot of vehicle owners ignore the significance of periodical car detailing. This is particularly true if they’ve read some myths on the internet. Whether pertaining to car detailing or other services, myths are always misleading. You’re doing more harm than good to your car if you are believing in these car detailing myths.  

Because of that, we’re going to share with you some of the most common myths about Athens mobile car detailing. 

Wax Lasts Up to 5 Years 

You should know that wax will not last for several years in a row, even if you utilize a high-quality wax. Because of the increasing pollution levels each year, wax typically lasts for a lesser time than it did before. A car needs to be waxed every season. This is according to professional car detailers. Wax does not last forever. That is the truth. Choosing a professional car detailing company at a regular interval is the key to keep your vehicle looking fabulous and shiny. 

Only Utilize Soft Old Rags for Car Detailing 

Old t-shirts, flannels, or towels might be very soft on your skin. However, it isn’t for your vehicle. Washing or detailing your vehicle using these forms of fabrics will leave swirls and scratches on the clear coat. These materials partially contain rough polyester threads. This is the main reason why soft old rags always result in swirl marks and scratches. Expert detailers utilize unique tools that are specifically designed for detailing purposes. Because of this, professional detailers always do a better job compared to a DIY detailing job.  

Machine Polishers Damages the Paintwork of Your Vehicle 

This is a myth. For those who don’t know, car paint is very durable. It can endure storms, winds, and other elements. A high-quality machine polisher that is particularly created to polish the painted surfaces of vehicles will not cause any form of damage.  

However, if it is used by an amateur, machine polishers will cause damage. Because of this, it is always recommended to visit a reliable and reputable car detailing company if you want to properly detail your car. The experts are skilled to utilize polishing machines. They’re wary of the basic precautions to be taken while polishing your vehicle.  

You Don’t Require Car Detailing If You Have a Shiny Car 

You shouldn’t choose whether your car requires detailing from its shine. It might appear logical at first. However, a shiny car exterior can still be dirty. You should touch your vehicle instead of judging from the glow. DO you feel some rutty or rough patches on your hands? It is an obvious indication that your car still has contaminants and you have to book a car detailing service. The experts will apply polish and wax to your car after washing it to get rid of these particles.